An EduTryGuy at Heart

It is summer! The second half of this year was so much busier than I ever anticipated, and ended with some devastating tragedies. As a district, we lost two students, and a teacher within one week. On my personal social media pages I've done a lot of reflection on what the friendship of our Friend/Colleague Casey meant to me.

As I'm looking at EduTryGuys for the first time in a while, I see a tweet that we retweeted from Casey about him trying NearPod with his students.

That is one of the things I respected the most about Casey. He taught for 10+ years but was always willing to try something new. He was sometimes hesitant, and would text me about "How do I do this?" or text me about something he's trying that he thought I might like.

An unfortunate reality is that sometimes, after 10 years of teaching, teachers become settled in what they've been doing. Although I'm sure that we all get stubborn about things we do in the classroom, we do get settled in some things, and that's fine. But Casey always kept a very open mind about education, always striving for the best for his students, and the girls he coached.

Casey always tried, and succeeded, in making those around him feel heard and cared for. At his memorial service, I heard so many people talk about how much they cared for him, and how much he cared for them. He had such a huge heart, and put that before anything else. He put relationships before anything else. Casey has given me one more "Try".

Try relationships. He knew that without positive relationships, whatever you're doing in the classroom won't reach the ones who truly need it.

I'm going to try my very best to honor Casey every day in the classroom by trying to establish such great relationships.

Casey was always supportive of this endeavor of ours, and he will always be an EduTryGuy in my eyes.