Sharing Status - Alpha

February was Indiana Digital Learning Month. The Indiana DOE eLearning Team reached out to schools to have Teachers showcase a digital learning tool. Richmond Community Schools Director of Secondary Education Mike Shunneson asked me if I would be interested. My response was "Absolutely, my dude!"... not really, it was more along the lines of "Absolutely, thanks for asking me!" but hey, sounds cooler right? Anyway, I was honored to be one of eight teachers that got to share this out and it gave me the opportunity to try some new stuff. 

I chose to showcase how I use Nearpod in my classroom. I've only recently discovered thanks to Megan Tolin during a RCS NextGen Cadre session that she leads. I don't like to present very often, usually I stick more towards the Social Aspects of Learning Theory methods, group projects and such. When I do feel there is a need for direct instruction, Nearpod seemed perfect. It's Powerpoint all hyped up on illegal substances the MLB suspends guys for 90 days. It allows students to have the presentation directly in front of them on their device - with either me running the pace or setting it up for student paced. See where the name comes from?! Pretty clever cats over at Nearpod. Students can interact through polls, open ended questions, drawings, etc. Pretty much, check the video out and you'll get a good over view if I do say so myself. 

The next thing I got to use for the first time was Loom. Loom is a screen recording tool that pretty sweet. Sets up as a chrome extension so with the click of a button or so and it's rolling and recording the screen and your face with sound as well. Pretty sweet. I plan on using it more often next year as I work towards flipping the ol' classroom. You can also check it out on the video posted. 

Lastly, a huge shout out to Tim Arnold who supported me. Guiding me along on using loom, what to showcase, and most importantly on editing the video with the loom footage and footage he came into my classroom to shoot. Alpha eLearning Specialist status for sure. 

This was another opportunity to push myself into trying something new. Always push myself to an uncomfortable spot where I absolutely believe that learning happens, especially my own. 

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