Learning through Friendship

Hey Everyone!!! I am extremely lucky to have an amazing group of friends that I get to hang out with and help improve not only my life but also my teaching. These guys have known each other for a really long time and have let me into their lives to not only better theirs but also my own. I am not from the same area and for the first two years of my teaching, I lived alone with my dog Rufus. I can’t explain how important it was to create this group of friends and be able to be accepted into such an amazing group. I am super excited to get this EduTryGuys group going and again going through the process of not only bettering myself but also those around me.

The idea of this group has really led me to reflect on a lot of my teaching. Since this is only my third year teaching, I have tried to reflect as much as I can in order to grow as a teacher and as a leader. When Jason approached us with this idea it was basically something that I thought would allow me to hang out with my friends more. The first meeting completely blew my mind.  The ideas of what this should be really let me think about the different things that I have done in my classroom as a newer teacher. I have really grown in my first couple years at the high school. I not only have picked up multiple jobs throughout the school; working for athletics, being a sponsor for student council, working with the indoor drumline, but I have tried to expand my passion for this job to not only my students but to the staff. I have been a part of what we call the “8-step”team which helps us guide our teachers through our instructional foci as well as make sure that the teachers succeed in all areas of their career. I have also led multiple PD’s where I have talked about bringing your passion into the classroom in order to get the students to feel passionate about your class.

EduTryGuys is going to be an outlet for the information that I already look at almost every day. I have Try’d multiple times in my time as a teacher and I am really excited to share all of the information that I have gathered. For example, I am a major comic book nerd and I have tried to bring my passion into the classroom. One of my major influences that I have drawn from is a teacher from PA named Tim Smyth. He has given teachers access to a bulk of information that can allow for a different medium of information that some people cannot believe will actually help students. Being an avid comic book nerd as well as educator, being able to find someone like Tim has allowed me to expand my curriculum as well as my mindset for my students. I cannot wait to continue to share my experiences with everyone!